Konnext aims to give all customers greater control over their shipping expenditure by providing cost effective and trouble free services together with localised personal intelligent service solutions.

Local service on a global scale
Konnext provides a multinational operation - without the overheads of a multinational organisation.

Customers will get the same, or better services, at lower costs.

Konnext have developed strategic alliances with selected regionally strong freight and logistics specialists located in most of the world's major business centres.

SCANDINAVIAN & EUROPEAN OPERATIONS Over the last 3 years development outside the 'Scandinavian' market has been part of Konnextís growth strategy and we now ship on a daily/weekly basis to and from all Key European Countries and increased departures to and from the Eastern Bloc planned for later this year.

Konnext International utilises a wide range of vehicles, consisting of 13.6m Taut-liners, Mega, Box and Refrigerated trailers, and smaller distribution vehicles of various types.